Women's Rugby

April 5 2016

Please note: The Women’s draw does not name the venue or kick-off time.  Games in Dunedin are scheduled to play at 2.45pm unless otherwise agreed by both team to be changed.  Games played in Oamaru will be at 1pm – again unless both team agree to a change of time.

Date   v  
9/04/2016 Alhambra-Union v Bye
9/04/2016 Southern v University
9/04/2016 Pirates v North Otago
Date   v  
16/04/2016 University v Pirates
16/04/2016 North Otago v Alhambra-Union
16/04/2016 Bye v Southern

Date   v  
22/04/2016 Pirates v Southern
22/04/2016 Bye v North Otago
22/04/2016 Alhambra-Union v University

Date   v  
25/04/2016 University v North Otago
25/04/2016 Pirates v Bye
25/04/2016 Southern v Alhambra-Union

Date   v  
30/04/2016 North Otago v Southern
30/04/2016 Alhambra-Union v Pirates
30/04/2016 Bye v University
Date   v  
7/05/2016 Alhambra-Union v Bye
7/05/2016 University v Southern
7/05/2016 North Otago v Pirates

Date   v  
14/05/2016 Pirates v University
14/05/2016 Alhambra-Union v North Otago
14/05/2016 Southern v Bye

Date   v  
21/05/2016 Southern v Pirates
21/05/2016 North Otago v Bye
21/05/2016 University v Alhambra-Union

Date   v  
28/05/2016 North Otago v University
28/05/2016 Bye v Pirates
28/05/2016 Alhambra-Union v Southern

4/06/2016 Southern v North Otago
4/06/2016 Pirates v Alhambra-Union
4/06/2016 University v Bye